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3 kinds cabinets of LED display screen and application classification

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Jinhe would like to introduce 3 kinds cabinets:

Iron Cabinet

This type of cabinet has appeared in the early stage of LED industry development. The cabinet is slightly larger and heavier. The size of the iron cabinet is usually at 1280mm×960mm, 960mm×960mm, 768mm×768mm and so on. There are two kinds of iron cabinet: sealed iron cabinet and simple iron cabinet. They are used same material and at same size, but price of sealed iron cabinet is higher than the simple one.


1. Sealed cabinet can be protected to IP65 and can work normally under various environments, mainly for outdoor use.

1. Simple cabinet with relatively simple workmanship and mainly for indoors use.

Die-casting aluminum cabinet.


This cabinet is light, with reasonable structure and high precision, which can be seamlessly spliced. Jinhe comprehensively optimized the structure and performance, with following five types of cabinets:


1. Indoor: 480mm×480mm

2. Indoor and outdoor:500mm×500mm

3. Indoor and outdoor:512mm×512mm

4. Indoor and outdoor:576mm×576mm

5. Indoor and outdoor:640mm×640mm

Single cabinet is 9KGhigh strength and precision, easy installation, can be installed as stacking and hanging.

Magnesium Alloy Cabinet.


Advantage of this cabinet: low density, high strength, large elastic modulus, good heat dissipation and shock absorption, larger ability to withstand impact and load than that of aluminum alloy, and it is resistant to organic and alkali corrosion, high cost performance, easy installation and excellent heat dissipation.

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