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Advantages of LED Display Panel

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LED display advertising has become a trend now. It is emerging in the streets and lanes of major cities. It has become more and more closed to people's life and our daily work. What's the benefit of this LED display advertising?


1. Advertising forms: Traditional advertising forms can only be represented by graphics and text, and lack of creativity, which is easy to be forgotten; while LED display screens usually set up public places and main roads with a large flow of people, to attract the viewers' active attention and scope in the form of intuitive, vivid and vivid advertising, which is more mandatory than traditional media.

2. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Traditional advertising is not conducive to environmental protection; the LED display screen used for advertising is energy-saving and environmental protection. It works all day and adapts to all kinds of bad outdoor environment. With feature of anti-corrosion, water-proof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, strong overall anti-seismic performance, high cost performance and good show performance.

1. Publishing information: The traditional advertisement release information each time, the whole advertisement must be redesigned and replaced, which requires labor cost and time-consuming and labor-consuming; while the LED display screen manufacturer's advertisement only needs to be connected with the computer through data line connection or wireless communication mode, as long as it is set simply in the computer, it can be used to release the advertisement content, which is convenient and quick.

2. Advertising content: The content of traditional advertising forms is limited and cannot fully express the advertising content; LED screen advertising, operators and publishers can update the advertising content of LED display screen at any time, only need to operate and control the computer, and the updating process is not limited by other external conditions.

3. Long time releasing: Outdoor LED display advertisements are broadcast 24 hours a day, with a long audience time, which can better guide the potential customers, so that businesses can achieve better publishing effect with less cost.


As we all know, today's TV stations are competing for audience ratings, but also for display technology. Whoever has good stage display technology, sufficient content creativity and high technology model will win the attention of the audience. For example, the Spring Festival Gala of major TV in 2019, The latest display technologies such as VR, AR and holography are combined with LED display screen to bring different highlights. From the perspective of VR / AR industry chain, display screen is a basic and important hardware facility. LED display screen with better image quality effect can undoubtedly significantly improve the user experience of VR products. With the explosion of VR / AR technology industry in the future, LED display technology will show explosive growth with its seamless and excellent display effect. At the same time, in the future, indoor LED display will be combined with VR / AR technology, which become the future trend.


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