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LED rental screen stage collapse,caused a dead and more than 10 injured,Jolin Tsai concert

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LED rental screen stage collapsecaused a dead and more than 10 injuredJolin Tsai concert

In the Guangxi Sports Center, Jolin Tsai's concert was under construction, and the LED display and LED light stand suddenly collapsed. It is reported that one person has been killed and dozens have been injured. According to people familiar with the matter, the collapse of the LED lamp holder may be related to the budget. The concert of Jolin Tsai, originally scheduled to be held on the 31st, was located in the Guangxi Sports Center. On the 29th, the stage light stands that were being built suddenly collapsed. A number of large steel structure light stands suddenly collapsed and fell. The scene was chaotic. The concert may not be held as scheduled. The agent said he was learning about the situation and the injured had been taken to hospital for treatment. According to police reports, relevant personnel have been controlled. Jolin Tsai's concert accident, if the concert site collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable.

A relevant person from the conference company participating in the concert disclosed in the circle of friends that the collapse may be related to the budget. He wrote in the circle of friends: "Party A bargains and Party B guarantees profits. The result is the scene again and again. There are safety hazards such as a stage collapse. For the sake of cheapness, this is the case, but fortunately it is not a problem at the event site. "

At the same time, the person familiar with the matter also added that "Party A bargaining is one aspect, and the professionalism and responsibility of the implementing party are also very important. It is necessary to communicate with customers as many issues as possible potential safety hazards on the site. It doesn't matter, it has to do with the professional conduct of the executive. "

For LED display rental companies, it is imperative to focus on stage safety and eliminate hidden dangers of LED display.

In general, eliminating the hidden dangers of LED display rental loans can start from the optimization of structural design and the application of new cabinet materials.

First of all, in terms of the box material, the application of new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and nano-polymer unique materials can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the LED display box. The thin and light cabinet is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supported buildings and trusses and is safer.
In addition, the excellent structural design can also prevent the LED display from collapsing.

LED stage displays for rental are usually stacked high or hung high, and there are casters and spectators nearby. Structural safety is the most important part of the design process. Because the installation time is short, it is impossible to allow a long time to check whether it is secure, so it is especially important that the box connection can be quickly checked. Therefore, the LED rental screen must be seen at a glance to see if it is tightened or installed in place, so that it will not leave a hidden safety hazard.

Eliminating the safety hazards of LED displays on stage performances. In addition to the hard work of manufacturers in the product, it is also indispensable for LED display rental companies to install and use the scene correctly. In order to ensure the safety of stacking and hoisting, the LED display rental company must strictly abide by the limit of the maximum number of stacking and hoisting, and at the same time choose the correct installation method and high-quality building materials to avoid the occurrence of security accidents to the greatest extent.

The most important thing is that LED display leasers cannot blindly pursue low prices and take the chance to buy some rental products with hidden safety hazards. While guaranteeing the quality of leased equipment, professional training is also needed for operators to be able to do basic maintenance of the display, such as analysis and processing of common faults, familiarity with control systems and video processing, and equivalent supporting equipment. Carry out detection adjustment so that the stable and safe operation of the LED stage screen can be guaranteed.


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